Introduction Edit

The Usual Style of Plot for stories is that one single plot is follwed throughout the single season (In case the plotline extend, over the next season), Were a single event causes the plotline to start and usually is branches with smaller storylines (Usually Peronal Charecter plots).The Usual Length of a Season is 10-12 Episodes, which sometimes causes the storylines to spill over to the next season.


Season 1 Edit

The Season Starts off in the camp, as the new camper's are exploring and getting to know the camp, trying to learn and explore about the place they are present at. Jennie one of the camper's is suddenly visted by a ghostly spirit, and present's her with a cryptic message. Jennie, meets up with Terrance Wintershoes, who is the Oracle, and they both have a realisation that the propehcy left by the previous oracle, was partly fulfiled. Soon, things take a weireder turn when lord posideon come asking if there was a prophecy for him, when terraance declines, he turns away, confused. While exploring the camp, Terrance and Erk findone of the entrance to the famous labyrinth, and get lost in it. after they are rescued, the camp has a happy time as they are gifted by new pets by Hecate, Godess of Witchcraft, Soon more chaos erupts as Oceanous, ttan of sea decided to endanger the demogods by sending a tidal wave which the demigods deal with. Finaly Terrance finds out thatthe previous brother was the Oracle, and that he wrote a cryptic prophecy for them to figure out later.

Season 2 Edit

The Season progesses on the offset of the previous season, and Terrance is trying to decrypt the prophecy left by his Late Brother. the camp sees the arrrival of many new campers and one of them, is Long, Son of Hypnos